Welcome to the Student Section! Like a football game, the student section is where students can let their hair down a little, and breath! In anticipation of your needs, we have developed this resources section that should provide answers to the questions of our students, and support you in any way we can. Should you have additional questions, or recommendation, please utilize the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

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Course Roster

Open the below roster (click on image), and complete for all courses completed at the Educational Institute:


Want a specific class?

Learn how to submit a class through the view of this process model (click on the image to expand):

Requestaclass proces model

Operational Guidelines

As a subsidiary of the Shepherdstown Fire Department, Inc., the Educational Institute operates in accordance with SFD Operational Guidelines. For Transparency, each Operational Guideline affecting the operations of the Education Institute are included herein:

Administration and Oversight: SFD_OG_2700

Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions: SFD_OG_2705

Request a Course: SFD_OG_2710

Student Handbook

The Shepherdstown Fire Department Educational Institution will maintain a Student Handbook that outlines to program guidelines. This handbook should identify Program details, core performance standards, dress code requirements, and certain restrictions. Please be familiar with it’s content (click on the image to open):

handbook front page

Course Evaluation

Being dedicated to continuous improvements, and ensuring a high level of instruction, the Shepherdstown Fire Department Educational Institution, under the direction of the Institution Administrator, shall provide to each student a course survey to ensure the course of instruction met and exceeded the student’s expectations.PLEASE, complete the following survey following every course (click on the image to open):


Course Materials

As we build out curriculum used in conducting the courses, we will upload the materials here for your reference:

Sports Management PP

Jefferson County Communications PDF

Firefighter Rehab Training

Overdose Response Training

Shepherdstown Fire Department ESO Documentation

Protected: Protocol Update

Contact the Administration

The Shepherdstown Fire Department (SFD) program reserves the right to make any revisions, deletions, or additions to the policies or procedures which, in the opinion of the organization and/or WVOEMS, serve in the best interest of the program and its students. If changes from these policies and procedures are necessary, those changes will be noted in changes to the handbook or in notification via this page.

The program student is subject to the regulations in the handbook as well as the regulations and policies in the West Virginia Office of EMS and those regulation supersede any details found within this site.

We believe in creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all individuals. Our training center does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or any other protected characteristic. We are committed to providing equal access to training opportunities and resources, and to fostering a culture of respect and dignity for all.