Cadet Program

The Cadet Program (formally called Juniors) is specifically designed to create interest in the fire service by those community members who are not yet certified, or of age, to be “firefighters”. Cadets have fun, train in safe and closely monitored environments, learn the craft of firefighting and EMS, and learn valuable life skills – while having the occasional water fight. Cadets receive the same training and experience as a full member, can respond on calls, and learn fire ground etiquette so by the time they either reach the legal age to serve (18), or become certified, they are ready to roll!


Can I Be a Cadet?

The Cadet program is for those interested in serving the community before you reach the age of 18. You can be as young as 15, but no older than 17. Other than age, there are no restrictions to who can join the Junior program.

What Does a CADET Do?

While we do not let a Cadet run into a burning building, we do let them participate in the fire ground by fetching equipment, stretching fire house, throwing ground ladders, and a variety of other skills they will learn. This teaches our cadets valuable leadership and accountability skills, while maintaining a safe environment in which they learn the ropes.

Most of our Cadets are also interested in Emergency Medical Services, and we let them get involved here as well. Under the direction of senior crew members, Cadets can run EMS calls, and truly save lives. Due to the sensitivity of EMS, to run EMS calls a Cadet must be 16 years old if they have a First Responder (or EMT) certification, or 17 years old without.


Cadets are a valuable resource around the firehouse. They become a member of the family, and are involved in all aspects of the organization. It’s truly a life defining opportunity.

How Do I Get Started?

Joining the Cadet Program is simple; you simply fill out the contact form below to get started and our Cadet Adviser will respond as quickly as possible: