Live In Program

In keeping with our commitment to provide the highest quality and most efficient emergency response to our community, the Shepherdstown Fire Department offers a Live-In Program that provides the participants free and reasonable living accommodations and many of the “comforts of home,” in return for responding on emergency calls. As you can see by the pictures included here, our Live-In members are actively engaged in our community and are a huge part of the success of the Shepherdstown Fire Department. Here we have taken the opportunity to answer some of the more common questions:


Where Do I Live?

A secure, private area of the firehouse has been designed to comfortably accommodate our live-in participants – up to 10 people. The “Live-In Quarters” offer fully furnished semi-private rooms, a common kitchen, two bathrooms, and a laundry facility. The securely locked area has high speed Internet, and cable TV in each room, with a view of the bay.


Can I Apply?

As a Live- In, you must be at least 18 years old and either a student or employed. Our firehouse is only seconds from the campus of Shepherd University (a state institution of higher learning) and Blue Ridge Community and Technical College (about 10 miles away), so schools are close and convenient. We welcome college students to apply for membership with the department. In fact, that was the initial inspiration for the program, so although we recognize you may only be here for the few years you are in college, that’s OK!


If it’s not school you plan to do, many jobs are available in Shepherdstown, but if a job is not available in Shepherdstown, the SFD sits only miles from Charles Town/Ranson or Martinsburg – even Hagerstown, MD is a short trip. An employment opportunity is always nearby. When not in school or working, you live at the station, so you’ll be ready to respond when a fire or other emergency occurs.


Can I Balance College and the Fire House?

Our Live-Ins have a track record of completing various college degrees while still actively participating in emergency response. The leadership of the Shepherdstown Fire Department recognizes the importance of, and values, education. The department has put into place guidelines to ensure our live-ins have the necessary time to successfully complete their education. The Live-In program is built to help you become successful! Many of the SFD Live-In members have gone on to be Chief Officers of metropolitan fire departments and EMT/Paramedic/Firefighters in cities and counties across the state and country!


What Training Do I Need?

To be accepted to the Live-In program, you must be certified to either a WV Firefighter 1 level, or a WV EMT-B (or higher). If you’re both, that’s even better. We offer, at our costs, many training’s and certification programs to further your knowledge of fire and EMS.


I’m Ready, How Do I Apply?

The application process is simple. Visit the Join Us page of this site, and complete the application. Once you’ve completed that, a representative will contact you to set up an interview and explain the membership voting process – truly, it’s painless!


If you have additional questions not answered here, feel free to use the below form, and an officer will be in touch with you soon:

Live Free!