Barron Hall Rental

The Shepherdstown Fire Department is focusing availability on public service, community, and civic organizations. Rentals will be limited to community-oriented events. Private Events will no longer be scheduled.

For inquiries, or to start the reservation process for the rental of Barron Hall, please complete the below contact form. You may also see the below calendar for available dates, and print off a lease agreement. Here is some of the most relevant information:

Rental Fees up to 7 hours:

  • Community Event – $600*
  • Overtime Fee – $50 per hour
  • Kitchen Fee – $250**
*This includes usage of the Barron Hall great room, bathrooms, rear parking lot and access to the Kitchen refrigerator, ice and washing sinks. The lessees must be non-profit (or community civic organization) and provide the appropriate documentation.
**Only approved caterers with an approved Jefferson County Health Department License may use the kitchen. Kitchen Fee includes use of the entire kitchen except the walk-in refrigerators and deep/pressure fryers (available with advance approval and additional deposit)

Payment Terms: No date will be reserved without a signed lease agreement, and payment of $250 security deposit, cash or check. Deposit will be returned by check (minus any damage or clean up charges) after the event. The event contract balance is due one week before the event.

Liability Insurance is mandatory for all lessees.

Start Reservation: To start the reservation process for the rental of Barron Hall, please complete the below contact form:

Availability Calendar:

PLEASE NOTE: The below calendar is for INFORMATIONAL and PLANNING purposes only, and it should NOT be considered an authoritative source of availability:

If the above calendar does not load, please click here to go to the Google hosted version.

Clean up of Barron Hall and Kitchen: Barron Hall and the Kitchen must be cleaned and set up as the Lessee found them when they arrived. Any damage repair or cleaning required by the SFD will be taken from the security fee.

Maximum Occupancy: Maximum number of people to be in Barron Hall is 350, at any given time.

Alcohol License:  Anyone renting Barron Hall for a fund raising event or any event open to the public which is serving alcohol must comply with state law, as SFD is doing, and have a permit from the State ABC Commission. A permit does not need to be obtained for a private party such as a wedding reception.


If you still have questions after reading through included requirements and guidelines, please submit a comment above, including your email and telephone number, and someone will be in touch with you promptly.

Images of Barron Hall: