Welcome New member

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Shepherdstown Fire Department (SFD). You will find your experiences at the SFD very challenging, but also very rewarding.

As a new member of SFD, you’re sure to have many questions about what to do next, who to ask, and where to go.  The following information is designed to help new members become a functional part of the department as quickly and easily as possible.  If you have any questions about what to do or how things work, please don’t hesitate to ask any member or officer for help. Now, follow the 5 Steps Below to be on your way to productivity!

STEP 1: Access the Building

All entry doors to SFD are controlled by electronic locks operated by “key fobs.”  Every regular member is entitled to access the building. To request Access, please complete the request form found here.

POC: Chief DeMeritt or Jon Stammer

Step 2: Know the rules

SFD operates on two very important documents.
•Our Constitution dictates how our department is organized and administered.  It services our organization as the foundation of all policy, and the arbiter of question.
•The Operational Guidelines are policies and procedures dictating how the department is operated. The Operating Guidelines include emergency and non-emergency operations, and the rights and responsibilities of members.
•Both documents are maintained electronically on the Members Only Page and updated as applicable.  A printed copy of both documents are kept in a binder located in the watch room.  Members are expected to know and follow the guideline

POC: LT Matlock or President Simpson

Step 3: Get communications

We use a system called I Am Responding (IAR) to communicate, track available resources, and send dispatch information to members. Request an IAR Account here.

POC: Chief DeMeritt

Step 4: Qualify to Ride

There are minimum requirements to respond on emergency calls on the fire apparatus and EMS units.  All requirements must be met and proper documentation submitted and approved by an officer prior to riding emergency equipment.

POC: Any Line Officer

Let’s Ride – FIRE – RequirementsLet’s Ride – EMS – Requirements
Firefighters and Exterior Support Firefighters are permitted to ride fire apparatus and respond on fire incidents.  The qualifications for those positions are listed below.  The primary distinction is that Firefighters may enter areas deemed Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) while Exterior Support Firefighters cannot enter an IDLH, but they do perform useful functions at the fire scene.  This can be a great first step if you are waiting to complete firefighter training.EMS attendants and EMS assistants may ride EMS units and respond to EMS incidents.  The qualifications for both positions are listed below.  EMS attendants may act as the primary patient caregiver, EMS assistants assist attendants with various aspects of patient care, at the direction of attendant.  While assistants do not function independently as care provider, they do perform a number of functions helpful to the EMS team.  This is a great first step for those without any previous training who are interested in EMS.
Exterior Firefighter (OG5720)
·Current CPR
·First Aid (or higher)
·HazMat Awareness
·ICS 100
·PPE Familiarization (in-house)
·Equipment Familiarization (In-house)
·Cleared by SFD Line Officer
EMS Assistant (OG5720)
·Current CPR (Healthcare Provider)
·First Aid (or higher)
·HazMat Awareness
·ICS 100, 200
·SFD EMS Orientation (details below)
·Equipment Familiarization (In-house)
·Cleared by EMS Chief
Interior Firefighter (OG5710)
·Current CPR
·First Aid (or higher)
·HazMat Awareness
·ICS 100, 200
·Firefighter 1 Certification (WV approved)
·Pre-Ride Operations (In-house)
·Cleared by SFD Line Officer
EMS Attendant (OG5770)
·Current CPR (Healthcare Provider)
·WV EMT-B (or higher)
·HazMat Awareness
·ICS 100, 200, 700, 800
·SFD EMS Orientation (details below)
·Completed Jefferson County Internship Program
·Cleared by EMS Chief AND Squad Medical Director

The EMS Orientation course is required and is virtually provided in the Members Only section of the SFD Website! Download the EMS Orientation Instruction Sheet here (includes required passwords) and then Complete the EMS Orientation.

Step 5: Learn About our History

Proud to be the oldest, and most experienced, fire department in the State of West Virginia. Founded in 1792, the Shepherdstown Fire Department has served Jefferson County, WV and surrounding regions for over 225 years. Read more about our History.

Additional important Information

• From 5:30pm to 9:30pm every Wednesday help is desperately needed with BINGO.  Show up and ask any member what’s needed, and they will be happy to put you to work.  Fundraising is a critical element of keeping our operation going and serving our community.  While we call it “work”, it’s actually a great opportunity to spend some time with our neighbors and usually a lot of fun too! POC: Denny Barron

• The first Monday of every month, our Monthly Membership Meeting begins at 7:30p.m.  Regular members (even probationary) can contribute to the discussion and vote on issues.  Support and Junior members may attend and observe. POC: President Simpson

• Regardless of your status as member (EMS only, exterior FF, admin, etc) you are welcome to attend and participate in our In House and Formal trainings. Various aspects of Fire Fighting, Rescue, and EMS are explored. All trainings will be shared via IAR messaging. POC: LT Saghy (EMS), LT Baker (Fire)

• The Members Only section of our website has documentation, training and other information helpful to you. Go to SFD Website > Contact Us > Scroll the Bottom and click “Members Only.” Ask a current member for the password (or you can find it in the EMS Orientation Direction linked for download above).

• SFD is pleased to offer members the opportunity to earn Department Dollars, which can be used to purchase fire-department related items like SFD apparel. To learn more about the Incentive Program, check out OG#3160. When you were voted in, you received Department Dollars automatically. POC: LT Matlock or Chief DeMeritt

Need training?

Hazardous Materials (HazMat Awareness):

This course is available online at http://training.fema.gov Select ISP Courses from menu and look for “An Introduction to Hazardous Materials.”  The course number is IS-5-a. 

ICS100 and ICS200:

Both courses are available online at http://training.fema.gov  Select NIMS Courses from the menu and look for “IS-100.a (ICS 100)  Introduction to Incident Command System” and “IS-200.a (ICS200) ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents.”

Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid:

There are online options available. However, SFD is an ASHI/HSI CPR/First Aid Training Center and we conduct a Healthcare Provider and First Aid course quarterly.

West Virginia Public Service Training:

Check out WV PST for local training opportunities: https://wvpst.org/martinsburg/

If you have any concerns, concerns or comments please feel free to use the below form: