2021 Sportsman Bash – SOLD OUT (almost) in Record time

As we suspected it might, tickets for the 2021 Sportsman Bash are hard to find right now! While we stop just short of declaring none are available, if you can find one, you are lucky! Each year we sell 1,750 tickets, and all ticket reserves have been assigned to members to sell; no members are reporting struggles unloading their tickets. A waitlist has been started, and if you would like to be included on the wait list, you can submit the below form. Wait List participants will be contact in the order you are added to the list. If/When members with tickets turn the unsold back in, that’s when wait list participants’ will be contacted.

The 2021 Sportsman Bash is LIVE – In Person and Streamed to Facebook Live and Youtube. Links for the broadcast will be posted soon!