I Fight For Cathy

Firefighter Cathy McCray is a volunteer with the Shepherdstown Fire Department, and a Firefighter-Technician with the Loudoun County, Virginia Fire and Rescue Department. Cathy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer related to occupational hazards associated with being a firefighter.

The Shepherdstown Fire Department has established a fundraising account in honor of Cathy, from which all proceeds will go to her, or a charity of her choice. To facilitate the giving, the SFD has designed “I FIGHT FOR CATHY” t-shirts to demonstrate our support, and encourage donations to her cause. Please click on the “Buy Now” option below to order you shirt!

Note: You must email us your desired size(s) after paying, and a $2 charge is applied for PayPal transactions.

Buy Now Button

For more information on Cathy, and the great work she is doing as a result of her experiences, please check out the below article(s) in Firehouse Magazine:

Close Calls: A Firefighter’s Fight for Survival

LCFR Recruit Class 37 donned with I Fight For Cathy T-Shirts

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