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We are thrilled you are considering the life changing opportunity a membership with the Shepherdstown Fire Department offers. The process is simple, and we value the opportunity to answer and questions you may have. If you’re ready, fill out the online application, and a representative will be in touch soon! If you still have a few questions, that’s okay as well. Here we will attempt to answer some of them:

What Does a Member Do?

This, of course, is what the department is best known for; there's a fire, we put it out. But the science of fighting fire is developing well beyond the basics and evolving into a more advanced field of technology, organization and protocol. On the scene of a fire you will find the skilled, dedicated, and highly trained volunteers using their knowledge, equipment, and technology to conduct a massive operation like a well-oiled machine. Not interested in fighting fires, that is all right, we have other opportunities as well.

Emergency Medial Services
In the past, the role of EMS was to get the patient to hospital quickly. Today's EMS has evolved to the benefit of the community and now provides a standard of care in the field equal to that which is provided in the Emergency Room. The first moments after an incident are critical and a timely response by a well-trained volunteer can literally make the difference between life and death. We have those who are EMS Drivers, EMT’s, Paramedics, or those who are on the units to help – we call them “Third Persons.” Not sure that you’re that interested in the EMS services we offer? We always need those who…

A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes to keep the department operating efficiently and at its best. We are a business, and one that requires a great deal of oversight and management. One of the most time consuming areas is that of fundraising. The department receives very little money in the way of state and county funding, and must rely heavily on its own fundraising activities to raise enough money to pay for the facilities, equipment, and training needed to be ready to respond when a fire or other emergency occurs. So even those who may not be interested in the “emergency” side of our operations, certainly have the opportunity to provide valuable assistance on the administrative side!

Who Can Apply?

To be a Full Member, you must be at least 18 years of age, and not be a member of another local fire department. Additionally, as our organization is called on in the time of greatest need, and hold a great deal of trust; we must insist that our membership have no felony convictions. Training is not a requirement. We will provide you the training necessary to become a great asset to the community. That’s all there is to it!

If you’re not yet 18 years of age, but you are interested in serving within our department, we offer our Junior Firefighting program. The junior program is for those interested in serving the community before you reach the age of 18, and our department offers a program specifically designed for those between the ages of 16-18. Junior members receive much of the same training and experience as an adult member, so by the time they reach the legal age to service, they are ready to roll!

Ready to Apply?
It’s as simple as filling out the form below:

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